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Design Engineering Summer Intern (for 2018)

The role of the Design Engineering Intern/Co-Op is to provide engineering support during product design, development, and commercialization activities for both internal and consulting projects. They will have the chance to work in a variety of markets including medical devices and consumer appliances.

Reports to:
Lead Engineer

Qualifications / Education:
Must be currently pursuing an undergraduate ME and/or PDM engineering degree from an accredited engineering school.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Must have the ability to work in a group environment with creative, open minded, out of the box thinking.
  • Must be both self-sufficient and capable of working closely with a supervising engineer.
  • Develop conceptual designs utilizing 3D CAD software.
  • Create 2D engineering drawings to communicate designs to suppliers and customers.
  • Apply fundamental engineering theory and design principles.
  • Ability to demonstrate good problem-solving skills, and work with complex and under defined problems.
  • Capability to communicate ideas through presentations, rough sketches, and simple physical models.
  • Support both product inception and execution activities.
  • Must be able to work with colleagues, clients, and suppliers with professionalism.
  • Must be interested in the product design and development field of engineering.
Senior Design Engineer

The role of the Sr. Design Engineer is to provide engineering support during product design and development as directed by an Industrial Design/Engineering Lead or Director of Product Innovation.

Reports to:
Director, Product Innovation

Qualifications / Education:

  • 5+ years of related work experience in consulting or corporate environment(s)
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME), Engineering Design Technology (EDT), Product Design and Manufacturing, or equivalent job experience.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with Design / Engineering Leads to scope projects, gain an understanding for clients’ business objectives, and assist in the development of the necessary project deliverables.
  • With guidance from the Design / Engineering Leads, assist in the development of the work approach and strategy for accomplishing client and project objectives within the time and budget allowed.
  • With direction from the Design / Engineering Lead, manage additional ID/EN team members, outside contractors and/or vendors that may be required to complete project activities.
  • Participate/lead a variety of research activities designed to gain a deeper understanding of market trends, demographics, competitive landscape, user needs and environments within the context of the given project.
  • Possess and demonstrate a high skill level in fundamental engineering tools and practices, including but not limited to the following:
  • Efficient use of 3D CAD software to conceptualize designs and produce accurate models, assemblies, and drawings using appropriate drafting practices.
  • Theoretical design analyses to support the feasibility of the selected concepts. This stage may include items such as FEA, MoldFlow, stack-ups, and material selection.
  • Ability to provide development support for a variety of manufacturing processes such as sheetmetal, casting, machining, injection molding, thermoforming, and extrusion is required.
  • Must have the ability to select appropriate materials and finishing options to support design needs.
  • Must have the ability to work in a group environment with creative, open minded, out of the box thinking.
  • Attend client team meetings and present concepts to Marketing, Engineering and Manufacturing groups.
  • Communicate with vendors to ensure that designs are practical and cost effective for manufacturing.
  • Work closely with vendors to get quotes, material samples and rapid prototypes in a timely manner.
  • Assist Lead Engineer to ensure that all required design control documentation is completed and all quality requirements have been met.
  • Participate in risk management activities.
  • Display a professional image and positive attitude to coworkers and customers alike.
  • Provide manufacturing support for initial product release including engineering prints (ECN’s), task instructions, inspection forms, and training.
  • Become intimately familiar with testing standards used for our product. (i.e. UL1678, IEC60601-1, etc.)
  • Support both internal and external testing requirements for new product or product updates as appropriate.
Innovation CAD Designer

The role of the Innovation CAD Designer at Tekna is to help the Innovation team translate product concepts and ideas into feasible design solutions that can be translated to aesthetic and working prototypes, as well as an Engineering Team for further development (Tekna Execution / Client Engineering).

Reports to:
Innovation Engineering Manager

Qualifications / Education:

  • 8+ years experience in Pro-E/Creo developing master models/styling data for assemblies and part geometries.
  • Proven ability to work with a creative team to translate ideas, sketches and mock-ups into CAD with a vision for typical manufacturing processes.
  • Creative problem solving and a love for modeling and mechanical solutions a must.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate an ownership of industry standard modeling and styling data.
  • Work closely with coworkers to ensure that project goals are met and completed on schedule.
  • Provide technical insight and creative mechanical problem solving in early product development activities and brainstorming.
  • Work with a creative team of Industrial Designers and Engineers with varying skill sets to translate ideas into CAD models that can be used to generate aesthetic models, working prototypes and renderings.
  • Work with staff to understand how to develop CAD models that will work within internal Engineering processes and requirements.
  • Display a professional image and positive attitude to coworkers and customers alike.
  • Must have the ability to work in a group environment with creative, open minded, out of the box thinking.
Incoming Inspector

The Incoming Inspector is responsible for inspecting materials upon receipt and ensuring proper identification, disposition, and storage of those materials.

Reports to:
QA Tech (with occasional direction from materials)

Key Responsibilities:

     Incoming Inspection

  • Perform incoming inspection of raw materials when received;
  • Accurately document the results of inspection;
  • Maintain component history files;
  • Work with appropriate personnel to determine disposition of
    nonconforming material found at incoming inspection;
  • Properly identify materials after inspection;
  • Enter inspection information into Supplier Performance spreadsheet;
  • Perform first article inspections as directed.
  • Actively manage inventory placement to optimize space, recording
    location as required.


  • Document rejected materials in the nonconforming log;
  • Ensure the nonconforming materials area is organized and maintained;
  • Work with materials department to return nonconformities to suppliers on a monthly basis and to get appropriate documents needed to be with the inspections.


  • Notify appropriate Tekna staff of returns in a timely manner.

Key Abilities:

  • Use of measuring devices
  • Read blue prints
  • Computer literacy
  • Communication Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Drive the forklift
  • Dimensional and visual inspection
Production Staff

Performs production work in a light industrial and/or assembly environment within the guidelines of Tekna Inc. job description.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Utilize hand and power tools.
  • Ability to lift 20 lbs occasionally.
  • Staff members are crossed trained across multiple work stations, quality standards, as well as high standards of safety and workmanship.
  • Perform assembly activities with the direction of the line leader(s).
  • Assemble to written work instructions.
  • Assist in inspection of parts.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Reports to the Line Leader.



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