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Production Engineer

The role of Production Engineer at Tekna is to work closely with all functional groups (especially Production, Materials, and Quality) to develop robust, cost effective assembly processes and related documentation for use throughout the production facility, which is consistent with Tekna’s quality and production excellence goals and objectives.

Reports to:
Advanced Operations Manager

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conducts studies in operations to maximize work flow and spatial utilization.
  • Ensures facility efficiency and workplace safety with heavy focus on operator ergonomics.
  • Improve labor productivity/efficiency through collaborative efforts at optimizing facility layout, labor allocation, work force utilization, and work flow/methods.
  • Assists in the development and maintenance of a work scheduling and measurement system.
  • Heavy focus on the ability to apply Lean production principles and practices to the manufacturing environment.
  • Capable of analyzing layout of workstations, workflow, assembly methods and work force capability to maximize efficiency.
  • Responsible for in-house process validations, must be well-versed in process qualification/validation.
  • Supports NPD teams with DFM direction.
  • Implements engineering changes/product improvements to sustain current production.
  • Plan and design methods to improve production processes.
  • Review existing processes and develop solutions to increase productivity or reduce costs.
  • Ensure compliance with approved production methods and quality standards.
  • Write, update, and approve production processes.
  • Resolve production and supplier nonconformities with sound and long-lasting corrective actions.
  • Work with suppliers to improve components, reduce cost, and correct problems.
  • Evaluate and implement suggestions from production personnel as appropriate.
  • Provide technical expertise and support to production personnel.
  • Initial training of production processes.
  • Assist in evaluation of personnel’s competency of production processes.
  • Plan line layout and determine equipment requirements for new products.
  • Process engineering changes as necessary.
  • Product testing.

Other responsibilities as directed:

  • Assist in internal audits;
  • Assist in evaluation and corrective action for returns and customer complaints;
  • Qualify suppliers in conjunction with quality and materials;
  • Assist with process validations;
  • Building maintenance.

Key abilities (competency that affects product quality):

  • Tekna’s requirements for Design Control
  • Tekna’s requirements for Process Validation

Qualifications / Education:

  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering with experience in product development and/or manufacturing or equivalent job experience.
  • 3-5 years’ experience in a manufacturing environment.
Materials Coordinator

The Materials Coordinator is responsible for executing procurement activities as needed to satisfy customer orders for assemblies, replacement parts and other associated tasks.

Reports to:
Product Fulfillment Manager

Key Responsibilities:

  • Follow and execute all released procedures.
  • Issue all purchase orders needed for production.
  • Assist with demand planning for sellable items
  • Ensure timely invoicing for all sales orders
  • Ensure timely product receipt and invoice entry for all purchase orders
  • Assist with the physical inventory
  • Assist with RFQ’s
  • Create and maintain production schedule
  • Provide regular updates to the Product Fulfillment Manager of supply chain issues, including lead time issues, shortages, and price changes
  • Understanding Tekna requirements for identification of materials

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Partner with the Quality department to process non-conformance reports
  • Distribution backup. Responsible for knowing and being able to fulfill the shipping clerk duties when necessary
  • Coordinate product return activities (repacking/restocking/invoicing)
  • Assist with scheduling service vendors as requested (e.g. snow removal, lawn care, IT, etc.)
  • Maintain and organize supplier folders.
  • Assist with supplier audits.
  • Internal audits

Key Abilities (competency that affects product quality):

  • Ability to understand purchasing documents
  • Understanding of Tekna supplier control requirements
Production Staff

Performs production work in a light industrial and/or assembly environment within the guidelines of Tekna Inc. job description.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Utilize hand and power tools.
  • Ability to lift 20 lbs occasionally.
  • Staff members are crossed trained across multiple work stations, quality standards, as well as high standards of safety and workmanship.
  • Perform assembly activities with the direction of the line leader(s).
  • Assemble to written work instructions.
  • Assist in inspection of parts.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Reports to the Line Leader.




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