A Holistic Approach

Looking at the bigger picture has always been a tendency of mine. I’ve shaped who I am today, in part, because of my inclination to question ideals, motives, and systems around me. I think it’s a big part of what drew me to industrial design—I love the discussion around what makes a well-designed product. I love the questioning.
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Operation Birdhouse – Summer 2019

During the first few weeks of our internship, we heard talk of an intern project and a running joke about how the birdhouse is coming along. Around our last month at Tekna, we were given the project brief. The mission was to create a birdhouse for the back patio—but not just any old birdhouse.
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Intern Lauren working on the birdhouse

Not Your Average Graphic Design Internship

Before my graphic design internship, my experience was limited to branding, marketing, and some web design then I came across Tekna’s internship opportunity
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2019 Michigan Design Prize

Michigan Design Prize 2019

For the 3rd year, we collaborated with students to bring their concept to life at Michigan Design Prize. Every year, K-12 and collegiate level students are tasked with designing a product based on larger societal issues and with a Michigan focus. This year, the challenge was to design a physical product solution that improves and beautifies the lives of Michigan’s citizens.
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We Can Do It!

Tekna participated in the 6th Annual Corporate Engineering Challenge at the Air Zoo this past weekend, and it was a huge success! The event, sponsored by the Society of Women Engineers, aimed to expose girls ages 9-12 to engineering and science-related activities. Nearly 200 girls participated in the challenge and hundreds of members of the public joined in on the fun.
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Design Team Meetings: A Year in Review

At Tekna, we recognize how important it is to stay connected and inspired outside of our daily workflow, so we’ve built in an hour of collaboration every week that celebrates creativity and exploring together as a team.
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What I Learned From My Tekna Internship and More
(No Coffee Runs Required!)

As a first-year aerospace engineering student, the expectations I set for my first summer internship were not high. I had heard horror stories about entry-level interns spending 12 weeks running countless errands and fine-tuning their boss’s coffee order―only to head back to school before learning anything about their aspired field of work.
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Ellipses and I Have Come a Long Way

As a first year Product Design student at WMU looking for an internship, I was apprehensive about all that I didn’t know and eager to learn everything I possibly could.
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