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Design a mug team meeting

Design Team Meetings: A Year in Review

Design Team Meetings: A Year in Review By Abby Dean, Sr. Graphic Designer In a busy design studio with deadlines always looming, it can be challenging to find time to keep learning new skills and sharing ideas that are not project-related. At Tekna, we recognize how important it is to stay connected and inspired outside of our daily workflow, so we’ve built in an hour of design team meetings every week that celebrates creativity and
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Engineering Internship

What I Learned From My Tekna Internship and More(No Coffee Runs Required!)

Engineering Internship – What I Learned From Tekna and More! By Gabe Arthur, Engineering Intern As a first-year aerospace engineering student, the expectations I set for my first summer engineering internship were not high. I had heard horror stories about entry-level interns spending 12 weeks running countless errands and fine-tuning their boss’s coffee order―only to head back to school before learning anything about their aspired field of work. I had already spent one summer as
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Industrial Design Internship - Aisha Thaj - WMU Student

Ellipses and I Have Come a Long Way

Industrial Design Internship – Ellipses and I Have Come a Long Way By Aisha Thaj, Industrial Design Intern How do you start a blog post? On the same day you’re saying goodbye. Like a journey map, I’ll start with my desire for an industrial design internship. As a first year Product Design student at WMU looking for an industrial design internship, I was apprehensive about all that I didn’t know and eager to learn everything
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Engineering at the airzoo

Engineering Like a Girl at the 5th Annual CEC

5th Annual Corporate Engineering Challenge – Engineering like a girl By Sarah Mangas (Associate Project Manager) and Kelly Oswald (Design Engineer) The Air Zoo hosted the 5th annual Corporate Engineering Challenge (CEC) put on by several local Southwest Michigan companies and organized by the South Central Michigan chapter of Society of Women Engineers. Two of our female engineers, Sarah Mangas and Kelly Oswald, volunteered to judge the corporate engineering challenge. The Corporate Engineering Challenge’s goal is
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Fluid Bed Phenomenon

Engineering Lunch & Learn: Exploring the Fluidized Bed Phenomenon

Engineering Lunch & Learn: Exploring the Fluidized Bed Phenomenon By Kelly Oswald The engineering team at Tekna conducts monthly Lunch & Learns where one of us presents on a technical topic to educate the rest of the team over lunch. At a recent Lunch & Learn session, we wanted to try something a little bit different: a proof-of-theory building exercise. (A fluidized bed occurs in conditions where a solid—in this case sand—behaves like a fluid).
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a 2016 MIX event

Innovation Celebration 2017

Innovation Celebration 2017 By Courtney Scott, Business Services Coordinator Tekna and MIX Southwest Michigan have been long time partners in promoting creativity, innovation, and design within our community. For the second year in a row, we hosted MIX’s capstone event –  The Innovation Celebration. This event recognizes local student talent who submitted their concepts, prototypes, and models for new products and services. With just three short weeks to plan, we once again transformed our open
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Michigan Design Prize Students

Michigan Design Prize 2017 – The Fuzzy Helmet and Sled

Michigan Design Prize 2017 – The Fuzzy Helmet and Sled By Sarah Hollingsworth, Design Research This fall, we participated in the second annual Michigan Design Prize, a design education and awareness program sponsored by the Michigan Design Council. The annual competition focused on inspiring, developing, and celebrating design talent for K-12 and collegiate-level students. Participants are given a single design challenge linked to Michigan and larger societal issues, tasking them to think like designers and
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Houston after the hurricane

Helping Houston

Helping Houston By James Nowell, Product Fulfillment Manager In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, an estimated 30,000 people were forced into temporary shelters while they waited for the waters to recede and relief agencies to begin assessing and addressing the damage. Matt Heintz and I were able to participate in those efforts first-hand. Partnering with Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian humanitarian organization, in the outlying suburbs of Dickenson, Texas City and Santa Fe, we recently spent a
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Engineering Internship

Engineering Work that Inspires

Engineering Internship that Inspires By Emily Gruss, Engineering Intern As I’ve approached my senior year, I’ve frequently thought about what life will be like once I enter the professional world after graduation. I chose to study engineering because it seemed to be an interesting career path that could also offer job stability. Yet the two internships that I held in my first few years of college resulted in a disheartening lesson: what I want to do as
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Amy Liang - Diverse Culture

Tekna’s Diverse, Welcoming Culture Leaves a Lasting Impression

Tekna’s Diverse, Welcoming Culture Leaves a Lasting Impression By Amy Liang, Industrial Design Intern I have never consumed so much coffee or as many donuts as I did during my seven-week tenure at Tekna. But besides acquiring a caffeine dependence, I’ve also amassed a broad set of design skills and developed a deep appreciation for Kalamazoo and the friendships I’ve formed here—all of which will stay with me as I leave Tekna to enter my senior year
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