Added protection for care providers and essential workers.

Face Shield PPE

Added protection for care providers and essential workers when they need it most. Our full face protective shield was developed based on customer requests to help conserve N95 face masks for front-line healthcare, manufacturers, and retailers.

Helps block coughs and aerosol generating events, liquid splash, and more

Helps reduce incidental face touching

Quick and easy to don and doff

Face Shield Details

• 7.5″ tall x 13″ wide .015 mil thick clear PET lens
• ½” elastic band with a 1″ soft open cell foam for a comfortable fit
• Per Box Quantity: 25 units

Face Shields are disposable. Strap and foam colors may vary. Do not use as protection against flames or sparks.

Special thanks to our partners:

We’re actively scaling up our production lines to meet the growing demands and are currently producing over 2,500 units per day with the ability to deliver in quantity. While our initial focus is on our local community, we hope to be able to help others across the region as we can.
If you want to know more or have a request for face shields for your facility, please fill out the form here.