industrial design

Haier America came to us with a tight timeline and a need to refresh its core line of laundry products to be more competitive and appealing to U.S. consumers. In only five weeks, we were able to hand-off a completely new design for the laundry console, knob, and interface that aligned with legacy attachment points and Haier’s core manufacturing capabilities. We utilized a mix of traditional industrial design skills, hand-made rapid prototyping, as well as CAD to help the team quickly visualize concepts, make decisions, and deliver on Haier’s challenge to launch the refreshed product at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. Graphic standards were also established and documented for the laundry category, making a fundamental building block for the common look and feel of Haier products. This created the overall consistency that U.S. consumers are looking for in leading brands.

Haier Grid
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