Industrial Design / UX/UI

Essen Bioscience has defined a new category of laboratory tools for life science by capitalizing on the power of time. The IncuCyte S3 Live-Cell Analysis Systemenables scientists and researchers to better understand behaviors and functions via live-cell experimentation. This innovative system sits inside a standard tissue culture incubator and automatically gathers and analyzes images around the clock. Whether conducting simple cell proliferation assays or more advanced immune cell killing assays, the IncuCyte System yields kinetic data and insight far beyond the results of conventional end-point or non-image based methods.

Tekna worked with Essen to develop a holistic system that addresses a wide range of specialties. The gantry, controller, and user interface work together seamlessly to deliver multiple points of entry and control in a user-centric, streamlined platform. In addition to improving productivity for the individual user, IncuCyte S3’s software and hardware empowers an entire research team by allowing multiple users to run multiple applications on the IncuCyte in parallel, reducing time spent waiting for an instrument to become available. Recognized as a finalist in the 2017 International Design Excellence Awards.

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