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Branding / Web Development

Elasso is an ENT electrosurgical instrument developed by otolaryngologists that cuts, cauterizes, and collects soft tissue. As the product launch drew near, Elasso’s leadership team asked us to develop the full brand. We focused on the multi-purpose tip that “lassos” soft tissue and created a script-style “L” that plays off of the “lasso” theme. The prominent “L” mimics Elasso’s contour and color and can double as graphic icon when isolated. Once we had the logo direction finalized, we created collateral such as brochures, business cards, trade show graphics, sales presentations, and product photography. To create a nice product presentation, we created display stands that hold the tool upright. Bringing it all together, we designed and built their website.

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stryker nara bassinet hero


Research / Human Factors / Industrial Design / Branding / Animation / Engineering / Production

Nara is, quite literally, our baby. It was internally created to be a beautifully designed, safe, ergonomic hospital bassinet. We conducted extensive user research and environmental studies, giving us a deep understanding of the product needs. Sketches, mock-ups, and iterative prototypes of the new design were created to gather feedback from facilities across the United States. As development progressed, so did the creation of Nara’s brand. We created initial marketing materials and design aesthetics, differentiating it as approachable, caring, and inviting. Ultimately, the value propositions of this bassinet design grabbed the attention of a major medical device manufacturer, leading to an OEM opportunity. Initial sales have been promising as labor and delivery departments express their excitement for everything Nara brings to the room. Nara received a Good Design®  Award from Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, as well as the Core77  Community Choice Prize, and a 2017 Core77 Notable Award in the Commercial Equipment category.

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trager timberline hero


Research / Industrial Design / Engineering / Production

Traeger initially approached us with the need for industrial design support to update and create a specific design for a major trade partner. Over the course of 18 months, our ID-focus expanded to encompass product development assistance through design research and engineering, product planning and strategy, prototype development, and production support for quality and reliability. By partnering with an electrical engineering firm, we also helped bring electrical hardware and firmware expertise to the team. Since the fall of 2014, we have supported Traeger in the implementation of several new-to-the-industry features to grow their product line by more than 10 SKUs—including the Timberline grill that we helped craft from the ground up.  Received a Good Design® Award from Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.


avegant glyph hero


Industrial Design / Human Factoring / Engineering

When Avegant approached Tekna for developmental support related to their revolutionary new multimedia display system, the team jumped in with both feet. Tekna’s diverse background in medical and consumer product design uniquely positions the group to develop technology with intuitive ergonomic adjustments and industry-leading aesthetics. The resulting design of Avegant’s Glyph Alpha prototype helped shape an amazing and first-of-its-kind media experience at the 2014 International Consumers Electronics Show.


impact athletic medic XL hero


Research / Human Factors / Industrial Design / Branding / Animation / Engineering / Production

Internally created for an opportunity in the athletic training market, the Impact Athletic product line showcases our ability to develop a branded family of products from innovation to realization. The initial design phase began with market viability exploration and competitive product benchmarking to drive concept differentiation and authentic branding. For product implementation, we performed a pilot production build that included tooling fabrication, component fabrication, and assembly. Our ground up development process enabled Impact Athletic to successfully launch a product line with a striking identity.

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medscape cart hero


Research / Industrial Design / Engineering / Production

The Medscape line of mobile stands were conceived out of the need to design a product specifically for today’s phlebotomists. For as long as the profession has been around, phlebotomists have had to adapt items borrowed from other professions to fit their workflow. Even today, they are left to haul their supplies and patient blood samples in totes while having to do blood draws for an entire hospital floor. In our early research, we identified that no phlebotomist works in the same way. This drove us to make the mobile stands as configurable as possible. We focused on maneuverability, safety, ergonomics, and quality. This attention to detail has brought returning customer purchases for this premium brand of mobile stands.

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stryker autoplex hero


Industrial Design

AutoPlex is a fast and easy-to-use mixer and delivery system. With the press of a single button, it mixes, transfers, and primes (ready to inject) highly viscous bone cement for delivery in less than 60 seconds. AutoPlex was designed in conjunction with leading medical professionals to address the specific needs of percutaneous cement injection. Our design team helped Stryker develop this product, taking into account the specific user needs and workflow in spinal procedures. We ensured this product fit within the visual brand language and portfolio line.

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