Industrial Design / Branding

When we get the opportunity to design a product we take it seriously, diving head first into the culture and life surrounding its existence. When that product involves delicious smoked meats…you bet your ass we went out and signed up for the first bbq competition we could find!

Like any competition, we knew we needed to go in with a strong presence (aka matching t-shirts). What started as a hand drawn logo, turned into a full brand that was applied to t-shirts and leather aprons. At the close of the competition, we designed and made custom packaging to send some of our schwag to Traeger’s executive team. 

The design and team spirit from the first year inspired us to push even further the second time around. We added on to our logo and professionally screen printed the t-shirts, making plenty to sell to other bbq-ers. We also designed farm animal bottle openers to match the simple, cute, and edgy branding theme. Each one was laser cut and then we gave them a blackened, hardened finish using one of the grills. Keeping with tradition, we designed and made new packaging for the Traeger team (this time shaped like a pig) and had plenty more goodies to send.

Next year we’re pretty sure we have our work cut out for us. 

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