Originally founded on Industrial Design, our team today provides a comprehensive approach to product development in a variety of demanding business specialties. Our unique combination of capabilities help our customers take their products from concept to distribution.

Research and Testing on a product

Research & Strategy

User Research / Usability Testing / Market Analysis / Workshops

We believe that understanding users and responding to human needs is the most effective way to inspire great ideas. By pairing user research with market analysis, we identify effective solutions that are both desirable and viable. Our research methodologies are tailored to specific project needs, ranging from upfront ethnographic observations and user interviews, to usability testing throughout the product development process. The best part? We take those learnings and help build your business strategy through innovation workshops, concept generation brainstorms, and human centered design tools.

Design and the creative process


Industrial Design / Interface Design / Visualization / Prototyping

Design is our way of transforming insights into meaningful products, connecting the desired customer experience and the business objective. In our world, there is no difference between the tools used in a total hip replacement or a household counter top appliance. Our designs incorporate experience mapping, storyboarding, sketching, ideation, human factors, digital visualization, and prototyping.

Engineering and creation


Analysis / Electrical / Mechanical / Studio / Testing

We utilize a combination of analysis techniques along with numerical simulations to facilitate the realization of ideas into finished products. From engineering calculations and 3D modeling to testing and patent drawings, we ensure that your products exceed even the most stringent requirements.



Graphic Design / Package / Animation / Strategic Messaging

Products do best with a strong brand around them. Whether it’s our own inventions or those of our clients, we focus on crafting the complete story. From drafting an initial vision to delivering the final package, we ensure it leaves a strong, lasting impression. REALIZATION.

Our ability to turn ideas into reality is a key differentiator for our business. Sourcing parts, pilot manufacturing, and quality assurance allow us to assemble, produce, and distribute products globally.

Tekna Assembly Line


Assembly / Pilot Runs / Low to Medium Volume

Manufacturing allows us to bring your product to life. We support complete products, peripheral accessories, sub-assemblies, and global product distribution. Our extensive network of specialty and contract service suppliers help us provide prototypes, pilot manufacturing, and long term low-to-medium volume production. Our quality system complies with ISO 13485 and FDA regulations, keeping your products in line with the highest standards.

Quality assurance


ISO 13485 / Regulatory Management / Risk Management / Design Controls

We strive to provide innovative solutions, exceptional service, and high quality products to our customers. Supplier qualification, incoming material confirmation, and final assembly all comply with ISO 13485 and FDA requirements. Design controls focus on ease of use, human factors, safety, reliability, and manufacturability.

Supply Chain Management Meeting

Supply Chain

FIFO / Assorted Process Procurement / Cost Control

We have strategically developed a supply base for increased supply security. Our controls are based on ISO 13485, FDA requirements, and GMP. We manage diverse process procurement including extrusion, casting, machining, forming, material finishes, etc. Post-launch, we can continue to support your supply chain goals by offering statistical modeling to optimize your inventory investment based on your desired service level.

Distribution and product traceability


Production Traceability / Virtual Warehousing

Our distribution system is set up to handle bulk shipments to our customers as well as direct shipments to the end-user.  We utilize FIFO controls to ensure accurate costing and optimal product life. We can handle everything from individual small parcel shipments all the way up to a truckload.  Full lot and serial control traceability is maintained throughout the process, enabling timely and targeted action in the event any issues arise.